I could be amazing.

Right from the onset, I want to be very clear, i am not a writer. I feel so much and the images that float around in my head are best captured in words that you read. That does not make me a writer, a sentence composer at best.I lack the grace to structure and convey … Continue reading I could be amazing.


Of office politics: the art of constructive dismissal 

DISCLAIMER- The following article is not a substitute for proper legal advise and the writer will not be personally or professionally liable for any harm caused, or threatened, by this article reticle.  Consult a registered legal practitioner for advise.  The workplace is a raging battlefield with egos, ambition, jealousy and power. Often, in all this, … Continue reading Of office politics: the art of constructive dismissal 


This is a fresh take on what used to be a source of pride. Funny what age does to us and we see things in a different light. Thank you Prince for this

The Sound Of Silence

As i walked in town today i saw a P.S.I counselor preaching against DISCRIMINATION and my brain quickly raced back,moon-walked memory lane to awaken the 5 year old me.My heart sank into my stomach but i still couldn’t stomach the fact that my primary school teachers(maybe yours too) sowed the seeds of discrimination in us.I grew up a very smart kid so it was almost by law that i sat on the Group 1 desk in class which was comprised of the smartest kids.Smartness was inversely proportional to your group number,the less smarter you were the higher the group number.

So as i was reflecting on our educational system i thought to myself,”how do trained teachers become so dull so much that they put CLASSES within a CLASS.”A sane grown up entrusted with  young gullible minds decides to then make them seat in order of smartness and divide the class…

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Sometimes, thoughts and words are all i have to silence the deafening sound of my sanity. So much is right and, equally true, so much is not. Loud wails of whatever need attention keep on screaming for attention and the little that i have is not enough to cater for all. I will be fine. … Continue reading